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With many happy advertisers and repeat
advertisers at that, what more proof do you need?


“After being a subscriber of ProBizTips for a few months, I decided to try a Solo Mailing. The results were FANTASTIC! From just one ad I pulled over 500 responses, made $427 in initial sales with many more coming in over the following days. My newsletter subscriber base also jumped 300+ in a day from that one ad!


Diane’s solo mailing works, if you have not already tried one do it now, you’ll be wondering why you never did sooner!”


Andrew Fox


“I don’t know if you realize this, but ads sent to your list last year earned over $14,000 ($14,225.74 to be exact).


We have been trialing a few other lists also but yours is the best by far for selling business opportunities.”


John Calder


“Diane, My eBook just made over $900 in sales in 3 days as a result of the mailing we did with your list. No returns, no spam complaints, nothing but $$$. I’m very happy! You’ll be hearing from me again!”


Jim Cockrum


“I am so impressed with the incredible response I got from the first Ad I placed in your wonderful “ProBizTips eZine”! I have generated more than 300 leads from one Ad!


Being an Ad Coop leader for my company and having been a frequent buyer of Ads in the last 6 months, I can’t tell you how satisfied I and my team are. To top it all, your excellent customer service and almost-instantaneous reply to my questions are unequalled. I’ll be a long-term customer for you, Diane.”


Joel Christopher
ePublisher, “Access-2-Success eZine”
*No Nonsense Netguide for Newbie Netpreneurs*


“We just completed a mailing with ProBizTips on our biz, TheDuplicator and the results were absolutely stunning. The response was so overwhelming we’ll be following up with our new members for weeks. For the money, this is the best place we’ve found to promote our company. We’ve already scheduled our next mailing with you and can’t wait for it to start. Thanks for your support.”


John Sherer


“I have read several ezines on network marketing. If you are looking for very helpful marketing information or a great selection of business opportunities, my pick is ProBizTips without question.


I have placed ads with them for one of my network marketing programs and no doubt will soon run ads for the new one I am presently working. I received more hits from my ProBizTips ads than any other ezine. I highly recommend it.”


Dick Norman


“The single ProBizTips ad I placed brought me an incredible 15 new clients at $90 a month! This is what I call cost effective. I would also like to say that everything was handled very professionally and you were especially helpful and efficient. Thank you, I will certainly be using ProBizTips again.”


Kellysco Marketing


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