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My name is Diane Hughes and I am publisher and editor of ProBizTips. I’m a no-fluff, no nonsense kind of gal and I can’t wait to get to know you!

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I’ve been publishing ProBizTips for almost 20 years now. I’ve seen it all and been through it all. Internet Marketing has changed significantly since then and so have I and my business! ProBizTips was one of only a hundred or so quality ezines back then…. can you even begin to estimate how many there are now?!

Not too long ago, I got to thinking. While I’ve always felt that ProBizTips was providing subscribers with useful information to help start and grow their online business (and this was the general feedback I got as well)…at the same time I felt like ProBizTips was sort of getting “lost in the pack.”
I wasn’t providing you with much more than any other run of the mill marketing newsletter that every “Joe Blow” looking to make money on the internet is subscribed to. I just wasn’t giving you the advantages you need to step above the rest and become a successful internet entrepreneur.

After talking to a group of randomly selected subscribers, observing what other newsletters were offering (or more importantly, what they weren’t offering), and talking to internet business people who had “made it” about what it took for them to succeed, it became clear that to give you the best chance at succeeding in the often times rough and unpredictable world of internet marketing, I needed to give you three things:


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Not only do you need to know about marketing strategies and ideas that work, you need to find out about them before everyone else does.

This way you have a distinct advantage over your competitors, who won’t have any idea about what’s hit them when you sneak in the backdoor and start stealing their customers. The ProBizTips newsletter is going to be dedicated to bringing you exclusive, cutting edge marketing strategies before the main stream community hears about them.


Save Time, Make More Money,
Then Sit Back And Enjoy It!

Since you need to have plenty of time to actually work on marketing your site, testing and improving your sales copy, providing great customer service, and building your business, you don’t need to be wasting all your time scouring the net for the next great marketing technique. Trying to stay up to date on what’s going on in the “industry” can be a full time job these days!

And that’s why, the ProBizTips newsletter will be the only source you’ll have to turn to for news and new ideas…while your working your business to make more money (or maybe just relaxing), I’ll be scouring through the top marketing newsletters, websites, and forums gleaning all the best info to report back to you once a month in a jam-packed issue. You can skip all the boring hours of filtering through all that garbage looking for those little nuggets of gold… from now on that’s my job!


What Are These New Improvements Going To Cost?

Nothing! Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I want to continue offering great help and advice to anyone who needs it at the same great price, free!

“Hey Diane – I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I always enjoy your ezine. It’s the only weekly ezine I always read and one of very few ezines I read at all. Keep up the good work!”

Robbin Tungett
Virtual Notions

Each Issue Of This Marketing Ezine Is Packed Full Of

Proven, Ready To Use Marketing Tips — Read It And
Immediately Start Plugging What You Learned Into
Your Business And Watch Your Profits Grow ….


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