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Diane Hughes



My name is Diane Hughes and I am the founder and President of HNB Resources and ProBizTips Newsletter.

I am married and the mother of 2 awesome kids. At the age of 20, I started searching for home jobs. I bought into many programs and memberships that of course, I couldn’t understand much less get them working! I spent countless dollars (by the way, that I DID NOT have due to being newly married and a college drop-out) on programs, guides, etc. that I would look through and put aside because I just simply couldn’t understand them!

After much searching and many headaches, I decided that working for myself was the best way to go….I researched, and researched, and RESEARCHED and eventually started up my own site.

I was making about $50 – $100 a week then at the most….but WOW! That was so exciting for me! $100 a week in my spare time on my computer. I got the laughs of course from my husband and family, but after almost 20 years on the net learning new things everyday, I’M the one laughing!

I remember why and how I started and how frustrated I was with all the money I was blowing. I know the desire, frustration, and confusion you go through when looking to work from home or start your own business. I’ve been there and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. That is what I used to create the overall objective of my newsletter and home business.

In no way do I promise riches….that was THE major factor that was so frustrating to me! Promises of tons of money, new cars, new houses — yeah, RIGHT! How many people do YOU know personally that have achieved this?

But I HAVE compiled resources, training, reports, software, and more to help you achieve a good, honest income from home. This is almost 20 years of MY trial and error for YOU to learn from and know what to avoid! Once you use my resources and techniques and learn from them, I GUARANTEE you will be right up with me soon enough (if not blow right PAST me)!

Whether you decide to get started in your own business with our resources, I’m right here behind you — all the way. I’m easily accessible and willing to help.




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