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“Just a quick note to confirm that the solo ad that you ran in ProBizTips eZine on November 15th pulled in $2994 in orders and 75 highly targeted leads. This very same list pulled in $4441 in the month of October. You own a goldmine that I will continue to mine over and over. You have my highest recommendation.”


Collin Almeida, CEO




Why Would You Want To Advertise With ProBizTips?

Your ad will go out to over 10,000 subscribers. Each of these subscribers is interested in starting an online business, or already has an online business.

They are hungry for anything related to internet marketing, business, opportunities, software, and other things that tie in with online business. By putting your ad in front of over 10,000 people whom you know are interested in online business, you greatly increase your chance of success.


High Readership Of Only People Who Have Asked To Be On My List

You won’t have to worry about “spam” complaints, or losing your ISP either. I’ve been mailing the ProBizTips Newsletter consistently for almost 20 years, without a single incident. My reputation speaks for itself.

The reason is simple. The subscribers asked for the ProBizTips Newsletter. And they read it. I give away free reports and downloads frequently so subscribers look forward to each and every issue I put out.

None of these subscribers were purchased and they are ALL double opt-in. This means that they specifically signed up to receive the ProBizTips Newsletter and confirmed after subscribing.


ProBizTips Is Regularly Maintained

I keep a very close eye on click rates as well as open rates. When I see any strong decline, I poll the subscribers and get all their opinions and ideas. I use this to keep ProBizTips a valuable resource to them and try my best to make sure most are happy. A happy subscriber = A responsive subscriber.


Don’t Take My Word For It…
Listen to What Others Are Saying

“My solo ad campaign in your ProBizTips publications was very successful. I made 9 sales of $127 which total to $1143 in just 2 days. I’m very impressed. I definitely will be using your service again for my other products.”

Tanvir Khan


“Diane, you might not believe this but I thought I’d better share this with you ….

Your ad sent more sign ups to my site than one I paid over $1,200 for…..thanks again…”

Jerome Chapman
CEO Net Solutions, Inc.



Featured Solo Ad

$99 Per Ad

With the featured solo, your ad will be the only thing our readers see.
** 60 characters per line – No line restriction

Featured Top Sponsor


These are less effective than solos but still do pretty well considering the price.

We run 1 – 2 ads per issue.
** 10-lines at 60 characters per line


If You’re Not Satisfied With How Your Ad
Pulls – Let Me Know – And I’ll Run It In
The Next Available Issue, Free Of Charge



While I can’t guarantee you’ll get the response you want with your ProBizTips classified, I can do the next best thing.

If you don’t feel your ad pulled as well as it could have, let me know. I’ll run it again in the next available issue, free of charge.

Why would I want to do something like this when I could possibly lose a lot of money in lost advertising revenue?

To be honest, I really don’t think you will ask me to run your ad again. Based on the response I’ve gotten from previous advertisers, I think your ad will do very well the first time out. So you’ll have no reason to ask me to run it again. You’ll be advertising to a highly targeted list that has been proven to buy. I can guarantee unique clicks to your ad! How? Almost 20 years of running and testing response!

If I didn’t believe you’d do well, you can bet that I wouldn’t have the guts to make an offer like this.


Order Now

Click on the link below and order now. With the tremendous response I’m getting from this offer, I honestly can’t say how much longer I’ll be able to keep the prices as low as they are. So order now to lock in your spot.

Just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose to pay online.

Once your order has been received, I’ll send you details on when your ad will be sent out.

Let’s recap quickly everything you get when you place your ad in ProBizTips:

You get an ad sent to a highly targeted list of over 10,000 subscribers that actually read the issues we send out. Or you get a classified ad placed near the very top of the issue. And you get my personal guarantee that you will be satisfied with your ad or I’ll run it again free of charge.

I challenge you to find an ezine advertising deal better than this one. There simply isn’t anything out there like this.


These spots go quickly, so get your ad in TODAY!




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